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James Spruell, Ph.D.

Lifestyle Basics

Healthy living, community involvement, and an active lifestyle are important choices that we make on a daily and weekly basis

The Salt Lake City area has a number of wonderful locations that provide hiking, backpacking, stream fishing, and camping. Big Cottonwood Canyon is a popular destination with easy access from 215, and includes Donut Falls, Ledgemere Picnic area, and many others.

Anther popular destiantion is Wheeler Farm that is both family friendly and educational with farm animals, ducks, great walking paths & more....


Around the Area

Wheeler Farm

Wheeler Farm is a family friendly site that children love, especially the little ones. The farm is well laid out with paths that wander along the river/stream, around duck ponds, and the farm areas. Cattle and sheep still graze on the farm, ducks & geese are well, just about everywhere at times, and lots of birds (robins, pigeons, etc.) abound.

Wheeler Farm


Photos of Wheeler Farm.


For access to the farm:

  • Take exit 9 off I-215, and turn north.
  • Turn west on Winchester (6600)
  • Turn right (north) on 900 East
  • The address is 6351 South 900 East, Salt Lake City


The farm supports many different activities for the young and old. The paths are a great place to work off some calories whether you choose to walk or bike. With 75 acres, plenty of area is available to explore, jog, or bike. And even better, benches are conveniently located virtually everywhere ...for those whose healthy activities are set for a slightly slower pace.

Feeding the ducks & geese

Ducks swimming at the farm

Perhaps my grandchildren's favorite activity is feeding the ducks & geese. Food can be purchased at the Country Store or Activity Barn, and is probably a little healthier than maybe what might be brought from home (hint!)

The ducks and geece are quite tame, and will gladly let you feed them. On any given day you can find them swimming, sleeping, or exploring as ducks & geese do. However, as noted at the Wheeler Farm site, this is their home, so play nice.



Wheeler Farm Pond


Other Fun Activities

Farm Animals

Ever milk a cow? I have... but I'm not any good at it which should tell you just how often I've milked a cow. But if you'd like to try, the milking demonstration is usually held at 5:00 pm, and for a $1 token you can attend and even try your hand at milking. Make sure you buy your token in advance, and check before hand to verify the current schedule.

Seeing the cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens is always fun for the children. But unlike the ducks, their diet is carefully controlled, so feeding is not allowed.

Picnicing & Family Gathering

Picnicing is also very popular with lots of tables and a wonderful play area for the children. Families will find a nice combination of shady trees, open areas where the kids (and grown ups) can play games, or just relax.


Wheeler Farm



The Henry J. Wheeler Farm is comprised of 75 acres along with several outbuildings and remains a fully functional farm. The original site was purchased by Joseph Hammond in 1853 and consisted of 19 acres. Eventually (1887) the farm was sold to Henry J. Wheeler and his wife Elizabeth.

Many relics of days past, including early farm implements and machinery, can still be seen along the paths. Other items from the 1800's can be found on display in the Activity Barn.

Old Farm Machinery


Nights can be pretty cool, so dress appropriately. Actually the early part of May can not only be cool, but included a bit of surprise snow this past May 1, 2013.

For the curious, lots of interesting points and historical relics are found at the farm. A few more examples:

Farm Buildings
The Pond
An old farm relic

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