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James Spruell, Ph.D.

Lifestyle Basics

Healthy living, community involvement, and an active lifestyle are important choices that we make on a daily and weekly basis

The Salt Lake City area has a number of fun places to shop, visit, and enjoy an evening out. Some of my favority include Litza's Pizza, City Creek, and of course, all the many incredible chocolate stores.

Outdoor activities are just as numerous, including skiing, camping, and hiking. Little Cottonwood Canyon Trail is one of those amazing hikes / bike rides that provides both some challenge and reward in the beauty of the trail.


Around the Area

Little Cottonwood Canyon Trail -- the Upper 2/3

Hiking the complete trail -- approximately 7 miles -- is a great workout for the biker, jogger, and most hikers. The path is very popular -- especially on Saturdays -- with a combination of couples, singles, a few with gray hair, and even some 3-8 year olds.

Little Cottonwood Canyon Trail


View from the Little Cottonwood Canyon Trail.


The trail follows along Little Cottonwood creek parallel to 210, and is approximately 6-7 miles up and back. The slope is a fairly gentle 1300 feet in elevation gain, and wide enough to accommodate bikers and hikers at most points. Although not paved, the trail is well relatively tame compared to the more rugged and adventuresome paths found in the area.

The trail begins at the Temple Quarry Trailhead, and continues along the creek to the old ruins. An old rock building constructed of granite stones still exists with parts of 4 walls still standing.


A bridge alone the 
		Little Cottonwood Canyon Trail

The upper 2/3 of the trail will take you across a couple of bridges as the path makes its way toward the old ruins.

The bridge on the right had plenty of room for bikers, although I laughed when I saw several of the younger bikers opt to plow through the stream vs. use the bridge.

Bike traffic on weekends can be fairly heavy so pay attention and share the trail :-)

Like many of the streams and rivers along Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons, waterways can be swollen in early spring from snow melt and rains. The upper 2/3 of the trail cuts across the river twice and follows the river fairly closely.

The river view
		along Little Cottonwood Canyon trail, Salt Lake City area.


It does take some work to get all the way up the trail, but once there (and along the way) the view of the valley, mountains, & reservoir is quite impressive!

A couple more great examples:

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