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James Spruell, Ph.D.

Lifestyle Basics

Healthy living, community involvement, and an active lifestyle are important choices that we make on a daily and weekly basis

The Salt Lake City area has a number of wonderful locations that provide hiking, backpacking, stream fishing, and camping. Big Cottonwood Canyon is a popular destination with easy access from 215, and includes Donut Falls, Ledgemere Picnic area, and many others.


Around the Area

Ledgemere picnic area

Ledgemere is one of my favorite picnic areas with convenient highway access located approximately 1.4 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon Road. At last count the area had 13 picnic areas, and did not accept reservations.

Legemere Picnic area


Photos of the Ledgemere picnic area.


The site runs along Big Cottonwood Canyon with a number of hiking trails across the highway. Tables are located along a gentle river with scenic views of the mountain and surrounding area.

Hiking, backpacking, and stream fishing are popular activities. Restrooms and drinking water are available.

Across the highway trails lead along the canyon and provide a great view of the area. The trails that run parallel to 190 appear to be an old road with all but a tiny bit of the concrete worn away. Take your camera as the view is fantastic in spring and summer.


Ledgemere Entrance

The entrance is located about 1.4 miles along Big Cottonwood Canyon Road (190). I almost always take the 6200 exit off the 216 Beltway to South Wasatch Blvd, and then to 190.

The picnic area is clearly marked with tables use starting at $8.00 per table (rate late April 2013). There is an extra charge for ‘extra’ people so always check your favorite map (Google, Bing) and call/ check for updates

Site elevation is approximately 5400 feet and provides just enough incline for the river to meander peacefully down the canyon. The river is fairly shallow, not too wide, and is listed as available for stream fishing.

Camping in the Wasatch National Forest


Nights can be pretty cool, so dress appropriately, and make sure you have a good sleeping bag if camping overnight in one of the several camp grounds.


Camping in the Wasatch National Forest

For the more adventuresome, lots of interesting formations are located in the adjacent area. And although I’m not sure what the rules for camping in the Unita-Wasatch-Cache forest area (other than designated sites), tents pop up regularly near Ledgemere:

A couple more examples:

Mountain side
The River

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