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James Spruell, Ph.D.

Lifestyle Basics

Healthy living, community involvement, and an active lifestyle are important choices that we make on a daily and weekly basis

The Salt Lake City area has a number of fun places to shop, visit, and enjoy an evening out. Some of my favority include Litza's Pizza, City Creek, and of course, all the many incredible chocolate stores.

The area also has some wonderful examples of landscaping. Many of those below are from around the area, including City Creek which is a shopping center (or a retreat) complete with water fountains, streams, and great stores.


Around the Area

Landscapes with class ... the use of stone in this water feature is phenomenal! The eye is drawn to the water gently flowing downhill to empty into a steam filled with stones, plantings, and not Koi.

Water Feature


This is one of several photos that I've taken of the landscape at City Creek. The gently flowing water is very relaxing and soothing.

Stone pathways line a creek bed that runs throughout the shopping center. With plenty of seating (and great food) the area is a wonderful way to take a break after visiting Temple Square.

Granite Walkway

The walkway is granite, cut to an elusive, almost whimsical style that makes its way along the creek and among the stores. River rock lines the creek and has just enough contrast to accent the walkway.

Well positioned water features are placed throughout the center in addition to streams that quietly ripple along walkways. Fountains that highlight the North entrance add to the outdoor effect. Other specially designed fountains delight children trying to catch spouts of water that shoot up from the ground.

Water features tumble downhill beside stairs or pool in ponds along the walk through the center. At night, the lighting creates an awesome effect, but the view during the day is also great

Water Feature


Toss in some well positioned plantings, several boulders, and the view is quite impressive!

To visit a few more great examples:

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