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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. ...Virginia Woolf

The most dangerous food to eat is a wedding cake.

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All Things Food

Food, one of the pure pleasures in life, ...and at times quite a challenge with busy schedules, tight budgets, & drooping waist lines (or was that waste lines?)

I've noticed in life that several things are over-rated and a few, under-rated. While we probably shouldn't list the former, the latter definitely includes eating: meals, snacks, deserts, nibbles, and all things food.

Desert Recipes



Recipe Sites
roast for the serious chef, and has a near lifetime recipe supply. The recipes are well organized, rated, and in both written and video format. Lots of great ideas to impress the family, neighbors, and/or just try something different.



TacosThe Food Network is another great landing zone for the chief cook/chef. Included are great grilling ideas, basics, and even a section on 50 Tacos. Having grown up in the southwest I thought I had tried just about everything Mexican/Southwest but ...apparently ...wasn't yet close!



Chocolate IndulgenceHmmmm... Allrecipes has incredible recipes for chocolate muffins, cookies, cakes, triffles, (maybe truffles too), pretzels, brownies, mice (sp. correctly), billionaires, shakes, mousse, martini (wouldn't have thought of that one), fudge, cobbler, eclair, torte (not torts as in legal wrongs), babka, wontons, cheesecake, ...and that's just the first 2 pages.



A $5.00 Favorite

Spanish Rice...on the quick

One of my favorite quick (and under $5.00) meals is a home version of Spanish Rice. (Coming Soon)


Chocolate Indulgence