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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. ...Virginia Woolf

The most dangerous food to eat is a wedding cake.

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All Things Food

Food, one of the pure pleasures in life, ...and at times quite a challenge with busy schedules, tight budgets, & drooping waist lines (or was that waste lines?)

I've noticed in life that several things are over-rated and a few, under-rated. While we probably shouldn't list the former, the latter definitely includes eating: meals, snacks, deserts, nibbles, and all things food.

Summer 2012 Feature: Chocolate

A few of my favorite chocolate shops

Chocolate Indulgence

Hmmmm... Seems that Salt Lake City has a hidden secret! Yep, the area has great history, culture, religion, scenic trails, ski slopes (read that snow board slopes for our younger friends), mountains ..............and chocolate shops. (Perhaps as many as I've ever seen in a comparable area.)

And, while it may be impossible to pick out a favorite, one of mine is Mrs. Cavanaugh's. With 6 stores in the Salt Lake Valley, Mrs. Cavanaughs has locations from North Ogden to the Provo/Orem area:

  • North Ogden, Layton, Bountiful, and North Salt Lake City in the North
  • West Valley
  • Provo/Orem

What I like best? Just about everything. While Mrs. Cavanaugh's has received Utah's Best of State Award, the ultimate chocolate measure for me is that personal, non-scientific taste experience, i.e., the one where their chocolates rank out as outstanding.

Another favorite chocolatier (that's a pretty cool word) is C. Kay Cummings Candies whose Trafalgar Squares live up to their reputation. The telling tale was that one Christmas I wanted to do something a little different, and C. Kay Cummings Candies chocolates filled in very nicely in the present category. -- Worked really well with kudos all around.

C. Kay Cummings Candies has a couple of shops in the Salt Lake City area:

  • Salt Lake City (2057 East 3300 South)
  • and a new store in Murray (6400 South)


A third chocolatier that makes my favorite list is Godiva Belgium 1926 on City Creek Center.

This one is a little bit of a no-brainer for the guys. The City Creek Center is a fun place to walk around with the ladies (read that wife, girl friend, female you would like to be a girl friend, etc.). The center is very well done and sports several places to eat dinner/lunch including Kneaders, The Cheesecake Factory ...all of which the ladies seem to enjoy.

While you're strolling along you can win lots of points (hopefully) by stopping in at Godiva Belgium 1926. Love their chocolate, especially their dark chocolate anythings. FYI: Godiva, have saved my backside on more than one occasion!

A second option while taking that City Creek Center stroll is the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!


Other places that I've heard about -- but have not yet tried -- include Sees Candies with several area outlets. (See's gets solid reviews from a number of my female friends.)

And, if you happen to be passing through the Park City area don't forget to try some of their chocolatiers, i.e., a couple get very solid rec's from the ladies.

If you have a favorite Salt Lake area chocolate shop, you might try leaving a comment at Poetry, the Spiritual, and Chocolate. Do be careful with the number of links as the spam protection software is very aggressive, and may well trap your comment in the spam purgatory/pending approval bin forever.


Chocolate recipes...

Chocolate Indulgence

Allrecipes has incredible recipes for chocolate muffins, cookies, cakes, triffles, (maybe truffles too), pretzels, brownies, mice (sp. correctly), billionaires, shakes, mousse, martini (wouldn't have thought of that one), fudge, cobbler, eclair, torte (not torts as in legal wrongs), babka, wontons, cheesecake, ...and that's just the first 2 pages.


Chocolate Indulgence