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James Spruell, Ph.D.

Around the Area

The Salt Lake City area has a number of fun places to shop, visit, and enjoy an evening out. Some of my favorities include Litza's Pizza, City Creek, and of course, all the many incredible chocolate stores.

Some of the more note worthy are listed in the sidebar on the right. Some current items of interest are listed below:


Hiking Outdoor Utah

Canyon Hike

Utah has some of the most scenic hiking spots in the world. Among these are a number around Salt Lake City where the family can escape for an afternoon or day of hiking adventure. Big Cottonwood Canyon as well as Little Cottonwood Canyon provide easy access to SKC residents and visitors...

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Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes is about a 1 mile hike (each way) with the trailhead branching off the trail around Silver Lake. And even though I would rate the trail has having a pretty good elevation rise (about 700 feet), I still saw many toddlers -- several on the shoulders of Dad -- making the trek on a recent Saturday.

The hike is ... read more



Silver Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon

Silver Lake at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon

Silver Lake is a family friendly area with picnic tables, fishing (with a Utah State fishing license), and hiking for a great summer outing. On a typical Summer Saturday morning families with toddlers, even babies in strollers, can be found enjoying the 3/4 mile (approximate) walk around the lake.

Benches and picnic tables read more



Hoegle Zoo

Bears Playing at Hoegle Zoo in Salt Lake City

Hoegle Zoo remains a popular destination for tourists and local families with 42 acres of scenic animal exhibits and other activities.

Children love the variety of birds and other wildlife that live at the zoo. Whether that's bald eagles, bears playing, or just the awesome big cats lounging around... read more


Wheeler Farm

Wheeler Farm

Wheeler Farm is a family friendly site that children love, especially the little ones. The farm is well laid out with paths that wander along the river/stream, around duck ponds, and the farm areas. Cattle and sheep still graze on the farm, ducks & geese are well, just about everywhere at times, and lots of birds (robins, pigeons, etc.) abound.

Wheeler farm is a wonderful destination for an afternoon picnic, jog... read more



Landscape with class

Water Feature

... the use of stone in this water feature is phenomenal! The eye is drawn to the water gently flowing downhill to empty into a steam filled with stones, plantings, and not Koi.

This is one of several photos that I've taken of the landscape at City Creek. The gently flowing water is very read more



Salt Lake City | Chocolate Everything


Chocolate Sightings
Chocolate Indulgence Hmmmm... Seems that Salt Lake City has a hidden secret! Yep, the area has great history, culture, religion, scenic trails, ski slopes (read that snow board slopes for our younger friends), mountains.............. and chocolate shops.(Perhaps as many as I've ever seen in a comparable area.) And, while it may be impossible to pick out a favorite, one of mine is more



Chocolate Indulgence